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Senior PAIL-Mate Model SLC

This machine has a processing capacity of 30 - 5 gallon pails per minute. It accepts pails ranging in height from 5" up to 18" - square or round. It can lid a 5 gallon U.N. pail with relative ease. With its rugged construction and low maintenance design, the PAIL-Mate closes lids in every industry in North America, and here is why:

  • Eliminates the operator in either the manual or vertical 'press' application
  • Reduces labor content per pail
  • Has a pay-back period of approximately 16 weeks
  • Expels the air from the pail prior to closing the lid
  • Add four casters for mobility
  • Available in stainless steel construction (model SLC-SS)
  • Will accommodate any foreseeable production increases

Junior PAIL-Mate Model JLC

A smaller version of the Senior PAIL-Mate, this unique lid closing machine accepts plastic pails from 3" up to 8" in height. Able to sit on an office desk, this easily adjustable, high speed machine can close lids at a rate of 70 - 5 lb. plastic pails per minute. Designed with power to spare, its continuous operating mode is remarkably quiet. Review the list of advantages:

  • Compact size - easily relocated
  • Fast lid closing operation - up to 70 - 5 lb. pails per minute
  • Quiet and continuous operation
  • Increases production and decreases labor content
  • Available in stainless steel construction (model JLC-SS)