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Common Features

Except where noted, all fillers have these advantages.

  • Electronic models incorporate a "state of the art" GSE 662 programmable weight controller.
  • Electronic models use continuous self diagnostics for monitoring all aspects of the filling operation.
  • Auto tare feature zero's out the scale (fill is determined by net weight) regardless of drum weight.
  • Dribble-Max-Dribble fill: At the start of the fill the valve opens to the dribble position, and after a predetermined weight, the valve opens to maximum flow. Then, when a predetermined weight is reached, the valve returns to the dribble position prior to a smooth final cut off.
  • The lance lift/lower assembly utilizes a simple V track with rollers that is designed to operate indefinitely. A unique braking system on this assembly prevents the lance from retracting when the pneumatic piston is stopped in mid-stroke. On electronic models the lance position is determined by an encoder.
  • Anti-collision feature: Returns lance to home position if the lance is not lined up with the bung hole.
  • For electronic subsurface models the lance rises during the fill and only as the weight increases. The lance position is maintained by weight and position encoding.
  • Set points and lance position memory recall: The system remembers the different lance position settings, set points, valve dribble position, and many other settings when recalled by product ID numbers. Can store over 1,000 set-ups by product ID numbers. Electronic models only.
  • If the operator stops because of some mid-fill interruption, the fill can be resumed at a later time without interfering with the auto tare sequence. (Electronic fillers only.)
  • Quick release detachable lance.
  • Operator selected automatic or manual mode.
  • Operator selected dribble flow rate.
  • Up to 100 psi product line pressure.
  • Two inch inlet and valving assures minimum pressure gradient (drum fillers).
  • Electronic models feature an adjustable fume hood for handling 5 gal to 55 gal drums. (Fixed hood on the 55000PS.)
  • Operator selected sub-surface filling (bottom-up, for foamy or vaporous liquids) or top filling (for viscous material and faster fill cycle).
  • Fully adaptable to existing automated lines.
  • All wetted parts are stainless steel and Teflon (for options, see Options and Accessories).
  • Fill determined by weight with tolerances to .01% of full scale capacity.
  • Heavy duty construction for long lasting service.
  • Extended warranty on parts.