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5000PET-II Series (Two Head) Filler for the Small Packager

  • Pneumatic/Electronic, utilizing the GSE 662 weight controller
  • Top fill for viscous liquids like gear oil, paint, and paste
    (Pie filling with apple slices have been filled with one of these fillers)
  • Automatic pump cycling with start/stop or VFD
  • Mounted on wheel casters
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Fills 5 gal containers at up to 600 per hour. Adaptable to fill containers as small as 1 qt. (at 750 per hour) and up to 7 gal. Permanent base mount and easily adapted to a fully automated line, or portable base and wheel aside as a stand-alone unit. Where a remote positive displacement pump is used, an automatic output cycles the pump to assure uniform pressure throughout delivery.